Successful defence of lorry driver at Old Bailey

04 April 2016

Alan Wheetman, one of our Crime Team specialists, acting on instruction from Kennedys Law LLP, successfully defended lorry driver Vincent Doyle on a charge of causing the death of a pedal cyclist by careless driving. German postgraduate student, Mrs Janina Gelhau, on a visit to London, came into collision with the Foden roll-on roll-off bin lorry driven by Mr Doyle at the notorious Ludgate Circus junction on the 17th October 2014.

The trial, heard at the Central Criminal Court last week, lasted three days. Mr Doyle was acquitted of the charge against him after the jury deliberated for less than an hour before delivering their not guilty verdict.

The case, which attracted the attention of the national press and television media, has reignited the debate for better safeguards for cyclists in London. See the links below.

Mr Wheetman said:

“This was a very harrowing case to be involved in, as Mrs Gelhau’s husband and parents were present in the courtroom throughout the hearing; the proceedings being relayed to them with the services of an interpreter. One could not ignore the grief and distress they were obviously experiencing, having the circumstances of their loved one’s death laid before them. They have my sincere condolences.”

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