Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a feature of some relationships and when it arises it can have a devastating impact on both children and adults.

If you find yourself the victim of domestic abuse or find yourself on the receiving end of allegations that you are an abuser, then our barristers are able to offer efficient, effective and sensitive advice and where necessary robust representation. Our family law team at East Anglian Chambers accept instructions from solicitors and directly from clients. We are only too well aware of the urgency and difficult circumstances in which many applications need to be made.

Applications for non-molestation injunctions and orders requiring someone to leave the family home are dealt with by us with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.  By their nature, applications often have to be made at short notice or with no notice at all.

Please call us now on 01473 214481 and speak to a member of our Clerking Team for further advice and assistance on the issue of Domestic Abuse or any other family law matter.