Child Arrangements

Following the breakdown of a relationship, disputes often arise as to what the arrangements should be for the children. Our experienced team of barristers are able to advise and assist parents, children and other family members when such disputes arise, in a sensitive and child focused way, at all stages of proceedings.

We can advise about which application should be made to the courts depending upon what is in dispute. Are you agreed about with whom the children should live? How much time should be spent with the other parent?

Once an application is made CAFCASS will become involved. Its duty is to advise the court about welfare issues. In more complex cases the court will ask for a detailed report and may make the children themselves parties and allow them separate legal representation.

Members of the East Anglian Chambers family team have been involved in the whole range of possible cases including the most complex, those where there has been a complete breakdown between parents, where the resident parent is opposed to any contact and where allegations of abuse have been made. We deal with cases sensitively, mindful just how important each matter is to every parent and child involved.

With relationships frequently formed across international boundaries, many children will have links with more than one country. This can be complex when there are disputes between the parents about where the future for the children lies or when unilateral action is taken by one parent.

Child Abduction and International Matters can and should be dealt with by the courts before a child is taken abroad, but what if a child is moved without the knowledge or consent of one of her/his parents?

At East Anglian Chambers we provide the necessary expert advice and representation; often at short notice, given the urgent nature of many of these applications. We can also provide advice and expertise in respect of applications made under the Hague Convention, or involving countries which are not parties to the Treaty, and Brussels II.

Our specialist family law team have experience in matters involving:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Neglect
  • Domestic abuse
  • Fact finding hearings
  • Abduction
  • Cases where social services are involved
  • Emergency and interim applications
  • Appeals
  • Relocation within the UK and abroad
  • Medical issues relating to children
  • Disputes over choice of school
  • Applications by grandparents for contact
  • Cases where the child is made a party to the proceedings

We can also offer advice and assistance in related matters such as child support/maintenance and applications to the Court for Financial Orders for Children under Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989.

Please call us now on 01473 214481 and speak to a member of our Clerking Team for further advice and assistance on your Child Arrangements issue.